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At Indie Abode we accept book submissions for review. We publish reviews here, plus on Amazon, Goodreads and/or Smashwords if required. The review can be used by you in perpetuity so long as credit is given - this means you can copy it onto your website, or on your book cover, for example. A review requires a lead time of four weeks for most genres. Please understand we are not being paid for this (we devote several hours of our time for free!). :)

Indie Abode values integrity so we will not publish "prepared" reviews written by authors. Our reviews are honest and written by the readers themselves and thus they are not rated any automatic minimum number of stars. However, since we choose the books which most interest us as individuals, in most cases we enjoy the book and the review will end up being positive anyway. While negative reviews are possible, it's more likely that a reader will just close the book and decline to review it. If you need clarification on this, just get in touch.

Our Reviewers - Adult Fiction
Elisa T (all genres) is a reader, sometimes-writer and current student who lives in Finland. (Whew!) She's the main force behind sister sites Button-the-Push and Glow Book Tours. She's a mum of two teens and married to a wonderful man who hates coffee and tolerates Elisa's weirdness. You can contact Elisa by emailing RuuElisa [ät] gmail [dõt] com . Her twitter handles are @ruu_elisa and @glowbooktours (4,500+ followers), her Facebook pages are ButtonThePush and GlowBookTours and she posts on Google+ here (20,000 followers and counting!)

Beth Owyn (genres Erotica, Romance) is Elisa T's erotica pen name. You can visit the blog here.

Rachel B (all genres - also known as Karu online) is a digital manga artist who loves getting lost in a good fantasy book. Karu's art can be seen on her Tumblr page.

Krystal S is a partner reviewer who has her own submission process, click here for info

YA Fiction (max length 50 000 words, no explicit sex scenes):
Stella Rae (age 15, preferred genres Fantasy, Paranormal)

Short Stories (max length 10 000 words):
you can select any of the reviewers above

Tween Fiction / Middle Grade Fiction (approximate target age 10-13, for example "The Baby Sitters Club", "Goosebumps" or "Sweet Valley High" -type titles)
Jaslyn (age 11)
These can also be reviewed by any of our other members.
if you want Jaslyn (11) to do the review please let us know - the book must be squeaky clean with no swearing and nothing more than kissing. She will be honest about which characters she likes/dislikes, however she will be supervised to make sure she also gives a fair evaluation of the story itself!

Children's Books (juvenile, for readers younger than 10) can be reviewed by any of our members and will focus on the age-appropriateness of the vocabulary, storyline and pictures (if any).

If you would like to review for us, we'd love to have you! We'll give you a spot in here and a link on the main page. Just get in touch. :) RuuElisa [ät] gmail [dõt] com . Or, if you're an author looking to submit your book for review, read on.

Why should you choose us?
Putting our fantastic price aside for a moment, how about the power of social media? Your review will be shared with more than 28,000 friends, followers and circlers (as at Jan 2014). Those are some pretty hefty numbers, far greater than most authors can reach on their own. Besides that, your review will stay here on this website indefinitely, meaning that days, weeks and even years later your readers can find out about your book.

Our Specifics:
We prefer to receive pdf, mobi, epub formats, however bound copies are acceptable for some of our reviewers (these will not be returned). You can send the electronic version with a word count, genre info and outline of the story, and it will be considered. If it's chosen we will be in touch. Rest assured if you typed the email in correctly we have received it; we regret that due to the volume of submissions we can't answer or review every submission we receive. If you are keen to send a bound copy, you need to be happy to post it to Finland.

Both traditionally-published and indie authors are accepted, including self-publishing. We think indie authors are sensational! However, please understand we do NOT accept submissions that have not been professionally-edited. If your story is worth publishing, then it is worth getting it edited. We can't stress this enough. Books which have obviously not been edited just won't get the review they deserve. :(

And yes, we can tell. ;)

To submit your book or get more information please contact RuuElisa [ät] gmail [dõt] com .


All opinions posted on this blog are honest. Most content on this site has been written without compensation from the author(s); where compensation has been received this will be declared on the post(s) and will not influence the rating granted to the book/product. Inline links on this blog may be affiliate links. Proceeds from these links are extremely small and help to offset the expenses associated with producing the blog content. External links and images in the side columns include advertiser content and/or affiliate links, all labelled as such with "sponsored" or similar.

If you have any questions about remuneration for any of the content on this site please do not hesitate to contact RuuElisa [ät] gmail [dõt] com .

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